Basic concepts


The application uses the job as the unit of work. A job will have a directory or file with the input data, a directory or file with the results, and an artificial intelligence model trained to detect objects.

Advanced Parameters: Through the advanced parameters window you can configure certain parameters of the job to modify their behavior.

While a job is running, no other jobs can be executed until the current one is finished. However, another one can be queued, and once the current finishes, it will start automatically, unless the queue is paused/disabled.


Every job is recorded in the history tab. The history tab allows you to monitor the status of all the jobs that have been executed, allowing you to repeat one that has been executed (clone) and to change its basic and advanced parameters. The job history can be cleared when required. Initially, after installation, the job history is blank.

Output messages

The progress of a task can be tracked using the Output tab. Otherwise, the history of messages issued by the application can be obtained using the Console Output button.

Launch job

A job type is selected, its basic parameters are filled in, optionally advanced parameters can be configured, and it is queued for execution with the Launch Job button. At that moment it will be queued for execution. When the currently running job is finished, or immediately if there is no currently running job, the job will start.

The available job types are:

  • Draw detections in images.

  • Blur detections in images.

  • Crop the best-detected object in the image.

  • Draw detections in video.

  • Blur detections in video.

  • Vectorize detections.
AI.dielmo job types

Stop and continue

It is possible to stop a job, close the application or shut down the machine during its execution if desired, and resume it later. The state of the job is persisted during its execution after each step, so that when the job is continued the images that have already been processed are not reprocessed.

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