The software is distributed via an executable installer for Windows or Linux, which can be downloaded from the downloads page.

When installed, the program is not licensed for the Premium version, and behaves as a Demo version, and therefore has a number of limitations. In particular, the number of objects detected is limited to 500 per 24 hours.

Through the application itself, you can purchase a Premium license without limitations.


Artificial Intelligence applications require powerful machines for their execution, however a great effort has been made to minimize the necessary resources and, to at least, be able to test the environment with common machines.

We recommend a machine with at least 8GB RAM, Intel Core I7, for decent performance.

If better performance is desired, for production environments, the machine should have a GPU recommended 11GB of RAM, and have CUDA drivers installed which can be downloaded from

With GPU accelerator graphics cards (GPUs) you can get up to 20 times faster processing times.

Requirements CPU GPU RAM
Intel Core I5
Intel Core I9

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