Software overview

Use your own AI software to extract valuable information from your images at scale

5-minute tour of the ai.Dielmo software

Get a quick overview of ai.Dielmo's capabilities with this video tutorial.
Learn how you can use your own artificial intelligence software detect any kind of objects in your images.

Plug & play

AI.dielmo is an easy to use software designed to detect objects through artificial intelligence right out of the box.
Just install it, download the model that fits the objects you wish to detect and you are good to go.

Guides & tutorials

Get the most out of AI.dielmo with our step-by-step videos and tutorials. Browse by topic or search by feature, no matter what need you have, we can help you with it.

Choose your models

A complete set of models can be downloaded for free from our models pages. Each one designed for a specific purpose and object detection.

Project financed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

Call: Promotion of Digital Enabling Technologies.
Beneficiary: Dielmo 3D, S.L.
File number: TSI- 100909-2019-47
Project: Analysis of the application of Deep Learning for the resolution of geospatial problems related to the territory.

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